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  • Item name Price ServeBuy
  • 1 M FFXI Gil USD 3.25 Asura
  • 2 M FFXI Gil USD 6.5 Asura
  • 3 M FFXI Gil USD 9.7 Asura
  • 4 M FFXI Gil USD 12.94 Asura
  • 5 M FFXI Gil USD 16.09 Asura
  • 7 M FFXI Gil USD 22.52 Asura
  • 8 M FFXI Gil USD 25.64 Asura
  • 9 M FFXI Gil USD 28.84 Asura
  • 10 M FFXI Gil USD 32.04 Asura
  • 20 M FFXI Gil USD 63.96 Asura
  • 30 M FFXI Gil USD 95.55 Asura
  • 40 M FFXI Gil USD 127.4 Asura
  • 50 M FFXI Gil USD 158.44 Asura
  • 60 M FFXI Gil USD 190.12 Asura
  • 80 M FFXI Gil USD 253.5 Asura
  • 100 M FFXI Gil USD 315.25 Asura
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ffxigil4s is the world's leading provider of leveling , gold ,items services for Final Fantasy XI.

The birth of the massively multiplayer genre of games has revolutionized electronic entertainment. By using the world's largest network, the internet, massively multiplayer games have brought forth the opportunity for people to work together & socialize with millions of others around the globe.

We provide many services for Final Fantasy XI, such as power leveling, items & more. We provide services for Final Fantasy XI and have helped thousands of players achieve what they could have only dreamt of.

Our primary goal is 100% customer satisfaction by enhancing our customer's online gaming experience with competitive pricing & dedicated staff.

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  • Thank you so much for leveling my character it was very fast. ----------Buyer:Christopher Ferrell
  • it's going great, it's fast..

    ---------Buyer:Michael Reitery
  • Thank you for your amazing service.

  • Thank you for your prompt and courteous service! ----------Buyer:Rolra
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