Chains of Promathia Survival Guide

ffxigil4s Date: May/16/17 16:22:40 Views: 27

There comes a time in every Adventurer's life when the Final Fantasy storyline MUST be completed. ffxi gil. This gruelling and unfortunate experience is one of the many arduous necessities of the game that must be completed in order for your character to become anything in FFXI. So this week, the focus will be Chains of Promathia (often abbreviated CoP, or PM). This expansion was released in the United States in Fall 2004, being the second expansion in the existence of FFXI. Though no new jobs were added to the game, a new endgame area called Al'Taieu, or Sea was premiered in this expansion, which is home to quite possibly the most difficult HNM to defeat in the entire game, Absolute Virtue.