Difficulty Toned Down

ffxigil4s Date: May/16/17 16:29:31 Views: 24

Square Enix,the company responsible for the MMORPG Final Fantasy XI, have announced that they will be adjusting the difficulty of the missions in "the Chains of Promathia" and adding a new experience point reward for mission battlefields.

    Adjustments to Difficulty

    Particularly challenging Chains of Promathia battlefields, such as those that appear in the Promyvion areas (Holla, Dem, Mea, Vahzl), and the missions "Flames for the Dead" and "The Warrior's Path", will have their difficulty level toned down. Final Fantasy XI Gil. These adjustments will include changes to monster level and placement. We also hope that the following changes to items used specifically against Chains of Promathia enemies will encourage players to brave the dangers found in the mission battlefields.

    -Rare/Ex Properties

    The special items introduced for use against enemies found within the Chains of Promathia battlefields will have their "Ex" properties removed, allowing these items, such as psychoanima and mistmelt, to be put up for auction. Certain items will also have the "Rare" property removed, allowing players to carry multiples of the same item.