Final Fantasy XI : Dragoon Upgrade

ffxigil4s Date: May/16/17 16:19:28 Views: 20

The developers of the popular franchise game, Final Fantasy XI have announced that major changes will be taking place where the dragoons two-hour ability is concerned. Specifically, the developers have had a look at the job's wyvern pet, and plan to make some chages:

In the next version update, major changes are scheduled for the dragoon two-hour ability.

The development team does not consider the dragoon to be particularly weak when compared to other jobs, but we are aware that a large part of a dragoon's strength depends on the presence of his or her wyvern.ffxi gil. After taking into account the wyvern's tendency to be quickly defeated in heated battles, and the dragoon's lack of a powerful special ability for use in missions and other critical situations, it was decided that improvements were necessary.