Final Fantasy XI : Making More Room For Storage

ffxigil4s Date: May/16/17 16:17:18 Views: 19

Inventory is something we all never have enough of for the most part, as it is. As many know, we all start off with 30 slots initially which will suffice for doing general things but really, it's not enough at all.Final Fantasy XI Gil. In order to make the most out of our swamped storages, mog houses, mog lockers, and inventories respectively, there are multiple quests and little things we can do here and there to gain some space for our equipment, food, weapons and the like.

So... you've started playing final fantasy, right? You have your basic 30 slots and are finding that it's getting a little crowded in your bag, what to do..? Well, to begin there's a little goblin located in Lower Jeuno who will assist you along the way if you should choose to go about doing his quests, though it can be pricey depending on which of the quests in the chain you are doing. That aside, you will need to attain a certain amount of fame as usual in order to get the quest in the first place, so do a few quests in Sandy or Bastok here or there and you should be fine.