Final Fantasy XI : Teleportation Service

ffxigil4s Date: May/16/17 16:19:28 Views: 16

A teleportation service will be granted to the server Fenrir for their successful combat against the Twinkling Treants.ffxi gil. These Treants appeared shorty after Christmas all over Vana'diel terrorizing the land. These were immensely powerful creatures and took the cooperation and coordination of several players. As a reward for defeating each of these treants, a teleportation service which teleports players to their home city from various outposts now exists. Other servers who defeat all of these treants will be rewarded the same teleportation service, but it's unclear how long this event will last. Any server that hasn't defeated these treants should try their best to succeed, failure will result in this service being unavailable to that server. Congratulations to Fenrir and any other server that has successfully vanquished these beasts!

  Please be sure to check the PlayOnline article linked below for additional information, there are a few restrictions which apply to the teleportation service.