Final Fantasy XI : Update Teaser

ffxigil4s Date: May/16/17 16:18:20 Views: 19

Final Fantasy XI are teasing us with some information about the new update coming this month. A new one-way portal and new areas pique our interest as we anxiously await full news on the update. For now, this is what the developers had to say:

Did Dynamis leave you thirsty for another challenge? We bring you "Limbus," coming in the October version update!ffxi gil. Upon the completion of certain requirements, players will be able to enter one of the two mysterious new areas that comprise Limbus: "Temenos" and "Apollyon." Check the version update details in October for more information!

Also, a one-way door in the Grand Palace of Hu'Xzoi will become accessible from both sides for players who have advanced far enough through the "Chains of Promathia" story.