July Version Update

ffxigil4s Date: May/16/17 16:22:40 Views: 15

Final Fantasy XI has released the notes for their July Version Update. Of course, an update contains far too many notes to be presented in its entirety here, but if you're inteterested, click the lnk below, and read it all!

The following adjustments have been made to Besieged:

Changes to Besieged as a whole:

    After a beastman army retreats, the enemy forces in that army's stronghold will immediately begin to increase. Final Fantasy XI Gil. The enemy forces will increase very slowly at first, but will gradually increase at a faster rate.
    If the enemy forces are reduced to a certain point, the rate at which they increase will accelerate.
    The enemy forces will increase if a player is KO'd in a beastman stronghold.

Changes to the beastman strongholds:

    New sections have been added to the beastman strongholds.
    Notorious monsters have been added that will periodically increase the enemy forces in the beastman strongholds.
    Archaic mirrors will now be surrounded by defending beastmen.
    Archaic mirrors now appear more frequently and have much higher endurance. In accordance with this change, players will receive less Imperial Standing credits when trading an archaic mirror to an Imperial guard.