POE 3.3.1 Builds For Swole Blaze Vortex Manual

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This creates aims to combine the tackiness of Righteous Fire (RF) together with the damage output of Blade-Vortex (BV) employing the many synergies among these two capabilities.

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POE 3.3.1 Builds For Swole Blaze Vortex Manual


1.Pros and Cons


3.Talent Setups



6.Min-Maxing (WIP)


8.Pob Link and Skill Tree



Pros and Cons:

+ Decent map clearing pace

+ Boss melting (in excess of 1M Shaper DPS)

+ Many areas for investment

+ Risk-free for Uber lab

+ Tanky (over 8K lifestyle)

+ Won't demand 6 linked gear (6L)

+ Effortless resistance capping

- Clears slower than VB Elementalist

- Survivability depends largely on Kaom's Heart





The beginning level for this development was the Chieftain ascendancy, the daily life regen comes in helpful to sustain RF and, plus the damage conversion, fire leech, fire penetration, and ash are all great for BV. Later we’ll also see that even the power will likely be fairly helpful for this build.


Body Armour:

Now, of course, a Lifestyle based RF create would require a Kaom's Heart.



RF would be quite hard to sustain without the need for a maximum resistance shield, however, that might leave us without having a 6L for our BV setup, or would it?



Enter 6L Elder helmets. Having a helmet together with the Elder mods that support socketed gems with Immolate and Concentrated Effect enables us to efficiently have a 6L setup in our helmet, or maybe a 7L when you manage to have on your own a Horror crafted helmet with these mods.



RF builds typically really don't have that substantial dexterity from their tree, but we have to have 159 dexterity to get a lvl 21 BV. Uncomplicated resolve: Astramentis.



It might just be silly if we ran an Astramentis just to get the dexterity requirement, so certainly we’re working it for much more than simply that. Astramentis offers us just sufficient intelligence to run Repentance and sufficient power to just basically running it. This correctly helps make our BV setup an 8L.



Certainly, the top weapon to go with this a lot SWOLEness would be Doon Cuebiyari.



Alberon's Warpath provides us movement velocity and even more power than every other pair of boots. An argument could be manufactured that Kaom’s roots give somewhat additional life, however, they do not give us movement speed, nor do they improve our damage as significantly.



An uncommon Elder belt together with the enhanced existence recovery mod definitely assists out together with the RF sustain.



A rare Elder ring together with the Warlord's Mark mod saves us the sockets we would otherwise really need to invest to apply Warlord's Mark. Another ring only needs to fill up the resistance.



These flasks are certainly not strictly required for this creature, just select 1 or two based on your preference and fill up the rest using a burnup flask, a freeze flask, as well as a bleed flask:

- Soul Catcher / Soul Ripper

- The Wise Oak

- Dying Sun

- Blood with the Karui

Atziri's Guarantee and Taste of Detest won't be beneficial for this creature as a consequence of Avatar of Fire!



Talent Setups:

BV setup (helmet):

Vaal Blade Vortex

Elemental Focus*

Controlled Destruction*

Extra Fire Damage* / Fire Penetration*


RF setup (gloves / boots):

Vaal Righteous Fire*

Efficacy* / Concentrated Effect* / Improved Area*

Burning Damage*

Elemental Focus*


Mobility setup (weapon):

Shield Charge / Leap Slam

Speedier Attacks*



Orb of Storms setup (gloves/boots):

Orb of Storms

Improved Duration*


Arcane Surge* (lvl 7 / eight / 9, depends on your Orb of Storms lvl)


Arua setup (shield):


Herald of Ash*

Enlighten (lvl 3 / four)


The purity of Fire (amulet):

Resulting from the lack of sockets on this established, the optimal setup demands an amulet with all the corruption implicit that grants lvl 23 Purity of Fire. Alternatively, you are able to socket Purity of Fire in an Unset Ring, preferably that has a +3 level to socketed gems mod. If you're able to not get your hands on either of those, then socket your aura setup in a 4L in place in the Orb of Storms setup.

For these gems it is actually practical, but not essential, to maximize their quality.




For basic mapping just flip RF on and Shield Charge into packs while sustaining one or two stacks of BV.

For bosses, we charge up BV in advance of the battle, then shield charge in and seek to retain as numerous BV stacks as is possible and occasionally drop an Orb of Storms to the target.



This is actually the first make I ever managed to down Shaper and Uber Elder with, creating it a fantastic individual milestone. This build can also do Guardians, Uber Izaro, red Elder, and regular Atziri. Uber Atziri hasn't still been attempted. I’ve hardly ever played hardcore (HC), so I can’t say for certain whether or not this make is HC viable, but I’d guess it is about as HC viable because the conventional RF builds, probably with some defensive adjustments.




If there is anything you cannot afford for this create, here are some more affordable choices, although they are needless to say sub-optimal.

Kaom's Heart: anybody Armour with as considerably lifestyle as possible will do, you could even change it with a Tabula Rasa in case you cannot afford a 6-link helmet. You'll certainly miss out on a ton of survivability by changing Kaom's Heart.

Helmet: this is the most significant aspect of the construct. Having a helmet with even only one of your Elder mods should really suffice, as that will practically supply a 5-Link.

Warlord's Mark ring: owning Warlord's Mark is quite critical for this development. Without the need of the ring, you could substitute two gems in the Orb of Storms setup with Warlord's Mark and Curse on Hit. In the event you never wish to run Orb of Storms, you can also just self-cast Warlord's Mark.

Astramentis: choices for this amulet would either be a lot more highly-priced rares, or call for immense passive stage investment.

The purity of Fire (lvl 23) corruption implicit: swap your aura setup with among the 4-link setups as a way to include things like Purity of Fire.

Enlighten (lvl 3/4): drop Herald of Ash or Vitality.

Lifestyle recovery belt: any uncommon belt with life and resistances. You might use a Rise on the Phoenix and/or consider a couple life regeneration nodes about the tree to compensate for your life regeneration needed for RF.

Every one of the other gear pieces should price no much more than a couple chaos orbs.



Min-maxing (WIP):

In the event you have some currency to spare, then here are a couple of ideas for investments:

Watcher's Eye: this jewel can possess a couple mods which will add some survivability to your establish:

- Life achieve on hit while affected by Vitality

- Elevated daily life regeneration fee even though impacted by Vitality

- Existence regenerated per 2nd while affected by Vitality

- Lifestyle leech whilst impacted by Vitality

- Bodily damage taken as fire damage though affected by Purity of Fire

Level 21 Vaal Blade Vortex: compared to a degree twenty Blade Vortex, this offers a lot more damage.

Valuable Helmet enchantments:

- Enhanced Blade Vortex injury

- Greater Blade Vortex AoE

- Elevated Shield Charge assault speed


Handy Boot enchantments:

- Life and mana regenerated if you have been hit a short while ago

- Added fire damage if you've killed not too long ago


Handy helmet corruptions:

- +2 ranges to socketed AoE gems

- +2 levels to socketed duration gems

- Life regenerated per 2nd

- Greater optimum daily life

Beneficial body Armour enchantments:





Pob Website link:https://pastebin.com/BNumDnbK

Talent Tree:https://tinyurl.com/ycjp45dt