Seekers of Adoulin Announced

ffxigil4s Date: May/16/17 16:22:40 Views: 22

Square Enix is getting ready to unveil the fifth expansion for Final Fantasy XI. Called "Seekers of Adoulin", the new expansion will focus on exploration, cultivation, and pioneering and will give players the opportunity to create outposts that can have an impact on the world around them.

Seekers also introduces a new continent to the West, and the city of Adoulin, as well as the new class Geomancer an AoE buffer/debuffer. ffxi gil. Another class will also be announced later today.

The new content has a Mediterranean-style influence, and has an emphasis on attracting players that may have lapsed subscriptions, as well as giving new angles on the games plot. SoA is mainly catering to high-end content.