Warrior Overivew

ffxigil4s Date: May/16/17 16:23:54 Views: 18

The Warriors in Final Fantasy XI are the masters of all things melee. If sharp and shiny objects are your thing, then you're in luck as the Warrior class is for you. Warriors are the ultimate men at arms, as they have access to almost all of the weapons and armor the game has to offer. Final Fantasy XI Gil. The job can fill two roles in a party as tank or as a damage dealer. It's one of my jobs of choice, especially for leveling to thirty for the first time as it allows you the versatility for party or solo play early on. Warrior is a basic class, meaning you can play it from the get go. It's also a great job to have if you want to pre-level a weapon skill before you unlock a particular class. Warrior is a common sub job for many melee and tank jobs to boot. Chances are good, if you see the front lines, you will become familiar with the job at some point in time.