Wings of the Goddess Expansion Tour

ffxigil4s Date: May/16/17 16:22:40 Views: 24

In a recent Final Fantasy XI media tour,'solyn Koh had the opportunity for a look a the last major update that brings the final chapters of the Wings of the Goddess story arc to a close. Between the September update and the update coming in December, FFXI players will have a lot to do to hit level 99. Check out Carolyn's thoughts about her media tour and then comment below.

As usual, I had to get a controls refresher, especially since I had been playing FFXIV with it’s very different controls, then I was treated to the opening movie cut scene which took me and my cat companion, the Regal Feline, Cait Sith – a talking cat which walks on its hind legs – into the alternate time line that Wings of the Goddess is set in. Final Fantasy XI Gil. Lilisette has vanished and instead we meet the Lady Lilith who in a convolution of a parallel world, is actually an evil Lilisette twin. With the help of Cait Sith, players are tasked to gather the pieces of Lilisette's memories to bring her back. If Lilisette is brought back in this timeline, then the Lady Lilith and her evil minions and doings will be no more.